Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Northern Oriole Iclerus galbula

Northern Oriole Iclerus galbula
Abundant throughout the West, the House Finch nests in tree cavities or the old nests of other birds; in cities and residential areas it seems content to dwell in tin cans, building ledges, and air conditioners. House Finches also occur in the East, but the ones there are descended from caged birds that were trapped and sold illegally (as "Hollywood Finches") until wildlife authorities stopped the trade.

Identification Male pale brown with darker streaks, and with bright red on forehead, eyebrow, breast, and rump. Female similar but lacks red, and has uniform brown head.

Voice Song a clear, canarylike warble, ending in an ascending zeeee. Call note a chirp.

Habitat In the East, in cities and residential areas; in the West, in desert scrub and chaparral.

Range S. Canada to S. Mexico, east to Idaho, Nebraska, and central Texas. Introduced in the East. Does not migrate.

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