Friday, July 22, 2011

American Coot Fulica americana

All The Birds Of North America: American Coot Fulica americana

In warm weather, this chickenlike bird inhabits freshwater marshes and ponds, but with the arrival of freezing temperatures it makes its way to .the seacoast in search of ice-free water. Unlike other members of the rail family, the American Coot has lobed feet that help make it an accomplished swimmer and diver. It usually associates with ducks.

Identification 13-16". Adult slate-grav with black head and neck setting off pale, ivory-colored bill and frontal shield (shield has red spot, conspicuous at close range). Immature similar to adult but paler, with dull bill.

American Coot Fulica americana Voice A variety of cackles, clucks, and low croaking notes.

American Coot Fulica americana Habitat Open freshwater marshes, ponds, and lakes; salt water in winter.

Range Breeds from British Columbia and N. Alberta to ร. Ontario and New England, south to Mexico and Florida. Winters along coast from British Columbia to Mexico, east through southern states to Texas and Florida; also along Atlantic Coast.

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