Sunday, July 24, 2011

American Robin Turdus migmtorius

American Robin Turdus migmtorius

An eloquent singer, the American Robin may be the best-known of all North American birds. In early April and May, the Robin greets the dawn with an energetic chorus of cheerful notes, as if to welcome the return of warm weather and long, sunny days. In residential areas this species can be quite tame, but populations of the forests are rather shy.

Identification 9-11". Dark gray-brown above, with brick-red or orange breast and belly; head and tail blackish, throat white. Juvenile gray-brown above, pale orange with black spots below.

Voice A rich, loud song of rising and falling phrases: cheerily, cheerily, cheer-up, cheer-up. Also a loud weep note and a lisped nee-lip in flight.

Habitat Woodlands, forests, gardens, and suburban backyards.

Range Breeds throughout most of North America; winters mainly in southern two-thirds of United States; southernmost populations may be nonmigratorv.

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