Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Common Barn-Owl Tyto alba

Common Barn-Owl Tyto alba

Although it is unmistakably owl-like, the Barn-Owl is not closely related to other North American owls, and is actually in a family of its own that includes ten other species from around the world. In flight, this large bird looks very white, especially from below. It nests in barns and other outbuildings as well as in tree cavities and caves.

Identification 14". Golden brown above, with grayish mottling on wings and back; pale buff to white below, with sparse dark spots on breast and wing linings. Face heart-shaped, white, with long, narrow bill. Feet and legs covered with bristly white feathers.

Voice Song a long, rasping screech, increasing in volume; also gives a loud hiss.

Habitat Farm areas, marshes, prairies, and open woodlands; also suburbs and cities.

Range SW. British Columbia, South Dakota, N. Illinois, and S. New England south to Central and South America. Some northern populations move south in winter.

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