Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos

Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetosThe majestic Golden Eagle often soars with its wings horizontal, watching from high in the air for the movement of a small mammal, snake, or turtle. Now protected by law, this species was formerly killed in great numbers, partly because of a mistaken belief that the bird is a threat to livestock. Golden Eagles rarely attack a healthy large animal, but they will take crippled or ailing lambs, deer, and waterfowl.

Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Identification 30-40". Adult brown or dark brown overall; crown and nape edged with gold or tan. Immature similar; white wing patch and tail band visible in flight.

Golden Eagle Aquila chrysaetos Voice Usually silent; occasional mews and squeals.

Habitat Mountain canyons, ranchland, open countryside, forests, and tundra.

Range Breeds from NW. Alaska to N. Quebec, south to S. California, W. Texas, N. Manitoba, and Labrador. Winters from N. British Columbia and central Quebec-south to southern limit of breeding range.

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