Sunday, July 24, 2011

Purple Martin Progne subis

All The Birds Of North America: Purple Martin Progne subis

Purple Martin Progne subis In the West, this large swallow shuns man-made martin houses, seeming to prefer tree cavities in the open countryside, or suitable spots in cities. In parts of the desert Southwest, it occupies abandoned woodpecker holes in the trunks of saguaro cactus. Purple Martins sometimes fly low over a river or pond, skimming the surface to catch a drink and a quick bath on the wing.

Identification 7-8Va". Adult male glossy blue-black overall. Female and immature slightly duller above and pale gray below. Tail in all plumages long and shallowly forked.

Voice Song a series of rich, gurgled notes; also a clear tee-tee-tee.

Habitat Open woodlands, farm country, and residential areas.

Rang Breeds along Pacific Coast from S. British Columbia to Mexico; also from E. British Columbia and Manitoba east through Great Lakes region to Nova Scotia, and south to New Mexico, Texas, and Florida. Winters in South America.

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