Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Rock Dove Columba livia

Rock Dove Columba livia The Rock Dove—alias the Pigeon—is thoroughly adapted to living in association with people. Native to Europe, it was probably the first bird species to be domesticated; a homing pigeon was reportedly used to carry the news of Julius Caesar's conquest of Gaul back to Rome. There are some Rock Doves that live in the wild, nesting as their ancestors did on rocky sea cliffs; these wild birds are notably shy of humans.

Identification 12-13". Stocky, with short, fan-shaped tail. Birds in the wild (and many in cities) bluish-gray with 2 narrow black wing bars, white rump, and some iridescence on sides of neck. Color variations include all-black, all-white, piebald, and reddish-brown birds.

Voice A soft, rolling coo-croo or coo-took-crooo.

Habitat Cities, parks, gardens, suburbs, and farm areas; rocky canyons or sea cliffs.

Range Throughout S. Canada and United States; does not migrate.

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