Sunday, July 24, 2011

Golden-crowned Kinglet Regulus satrapa

Golden-crowned Kinglet Regulus satrapa The species name satrapa comes from Greek, and it means the ruler of a small province or a petty official. This spry little bird often flicks its wings nervously as it combs its little kingdom of conifer trees, searching for insects and larvae. The Golden-crowned Kinglet is frequently seen with its relative, the Ruby-crowned Kinglet (R. calendula), which is similar but has a red tuft of feathers on its crown.

Identification Olive above with 2 white wing bars; paler grayish white below; white eyebrow; bill slender; tail has small notch. Crown deep gold or orange-yellow in male, yellow in female, and bordered with black in both sexes.

Voice A thin, rising see-see-see; also a tseeep.

Habitat Conifer forests in nesting season; other woodland habitats as well in winter.

Range Breeds from Alaska to Newfoundland, south in suitable conifer-forest zones to California, Colorado, Minnesota, and southern Appalachians. Winters from southernmost Canada throughout most of United States.

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