Sunday, July 24, 2011

Yellow-rum pod Warbler Dendroica coronata

Yellow-rum pod Warbler Dendroica coronata

Widely known as Audubon's Warbler, this bird is actually the same species as a white-throated eastern bird, the Myrtle Warbler; technically, both forms are now known as the Yellow-rumped Warbler, although many birders prefer to use the old names. The summer ranges of the two forms overlap in southwestern Canada, where the birds hybridize.

Identification 5-6". Breeding male slate-blue above with darker streaks; rump bright yellow; charcoal-gray patch around eyes; throat yellow; small, bright yellow patch on crown and sides. Female, immature, and nonbreeding male mainly gray-brown, similar to breeding male but duller; with yellow rump and white spots in tail.

Voice Song a thin, musical trill, twee-twee-twee; call a soft chep.

Habitat Coniferous and mixed forests, often in mountains.

Range Audubon's breeds from central British Columbia and Saskatchewan south in mountains to Mexico. Winters from S. British Columbia along coast to Mexico; also in the Southwest to Texas. Myrtle has eastern range.

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